Thursday, April 30, 2020

Six Roles for a Death Nurse - 4/6 Educator

Extremis - FREE screening snacks approved contact hours for RNs and SWs!

Welcome to my Calcutta
Death Nurse Community Open Office Hours

What it really looks like (not exactly)
Instructional Video - CPR, Intubation, and Soup

Straight up, no nonsense
Instructional Video - Advance Care Planning and COVID19

I adapted the script for the ACP video into a letter to the editor (LTE) at the suggestion of Dr. Monica McLemore. The editor said 500-word limit. They ran it, but with a glaring gap because I submitted 540. I need to follow instructions.
Advance care planning time is now - Concord MA Journal

Caring for the dead and bereaved
Options for the Final Disposition of a Dead Body

Here’s another informative and engaging program that I hope to do again, using a documentary film as the starting point, in this case ‘End Game.’ Please take - either intact for free, open source, creative commons - or build on the idea.
Reporting in pictures: Excellent brunch, people, connections, and contact hours made possible by End Game - FREE!

Cake: How to Find the Best Hospice
“When the roller coaster ride of a serious illness becomes too much to bear, we need expert clinical support to meet our final goals for care. Most of us want to avoid suffering and achieve a peaceful death. In order to do that, we need to find the best hospice.”

ATENT - A prescription anyone can write that’s simple to learn, easy to use, safe, and costs next to nothing.
Wed's clip on Thu: First steps to comfort

Hierarchy of Pain Measures, Checklist of Nonverbal Pain Indicators (CNPI) 
Assessing patients who can't communicate their pain

modified Mini Suffering State Exam (mMSSE)
video clip + survey!

Fast, Systematic, and Continuous Delirium Assessment in Hospitalized Patients: The Nursing Delirium Screening Scale (pdf)

Equianalgesia Opiophobia
Fast Fact #36 Calculating Opioid Dose Conversions

Six Roles for a Death Nurse - 4/6 Educator #NMA2020