Wednesday, August 2, 2017

video clip + survey!

My goal for this blog is simple - to help people know more and demand better for care in serious illness and at end of life.

I'm committed to 3 posts each week, M-W-F. Each day has a theme.

Wednesday's theme is "Some things I'm doing," and explores some things I'm doing.

Over the past ~10 months, I've been learning about, and trying to develop, a continuing education program blending digital media and live discussion, with accompanying learner tools and support materials for instructors.

I need your feedback on this 3:45 segment. If you stop reading here, watch the clip, and take the survey, we're looking at less than 5 minutes of your time.


Thank you.

If you want to

"Caring for patients and families with advanced dementia at end of life"

There will be 16 modules in the completed program, and each module will provide 0.5 nursing contact hours when approved - 8 hours total. The digital media portion of each modules runs between 7 and 17 minutes. The remaining time is spent in group discussion facilitated by a subject expert. Support materials include assessment tools and bibliography, provided in digital format, can be printed.

Part 1: Concepts of care
   - The normal brain and cognition (completed)
   - Assessment scales and advanced dementia
   - Connecting in advanced dementia
   - Goals of care: Safety and the 3-step dysphagia screen

Part 2: When pain becomes suffering (completed)
   - To approach suffering **clip is from here**
   - Planning for goals: Comfortable and content
   - Ways that comfort
   - An opioid essential

Part 3: Confronting delirium (script in development)
   - Know the enemy
   - On the battlefield
   - And so it begins...
   - Using weapons wisely

Part 4: Keeping up with Jeanne - a love story (story in development)

Thanks for reading. See you on Friday.