Monday, June 10, 2019

Please make it stop...

You don't want to see the next slide.

I wrote this after completing a one-hour online continuing education program on the topic of Advance Care Planning (ACP), provided by a nursing professional organization:

"The content is important, the presenter is proficient, but the format is awful - narrated slides. Ugh. 

Trying to teach in that format is like trying to juggle while wearing handcuffs. 

The narration often matched the slide, word for word, and the presenter seemed to be getting tired towards the end. 

I know you can do better, and we (learners) deserve better. Seriously. 

The three video clips are a good start towards better, though the roll plays were kind of stiff and the miraculous turn with the old couple was a bit contrived, still good for trying, so keep it up. 

Probably the most interesting new thing that I learned from this program is the term, "New Jersey-ite."

What will I do in my practice after completing this program?

I will review the 3-minute video clip on YouTube featuring Atul Gawande talking about how to have a difficult conversation with a patient and family, presented several years ago at the New Yorker Festival. Check it out."