Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Another friend I've never met - in person

I first met Leslie Kernisan, MD, MPH online several years ago through her blog GeriTech, where she writes about technology and geriatric care. Leslie is board-certified in geriatric and internal medicine, with a practice in San Francisco focused on aging adults living at home and supporting their family and formal caregivers.

She developed a comprehensive set of online resources for clinicians, caregivers, and the public that have since evolved into Better Health While Aging providing, “practical information for aging health and family caregivers.”

The content is free, with in-depth features and podcasts on the wide range of topics we're likely to encounter on our trajectory towards end of life  - hospital delirium, cognitive decline, staying safe from falls, etc. 

Leslie recently launched a subscription-based online membership community to support those caring for aging parents called, Helping Older Parents (HOP)

I joined for a few months. My own parents are long gone, but I signed up to get a sense of how such a community could work. Unlike the informal peer-support of public and private online groups, HOP provides access to clinical guidance in the context of an established professional medical practice.

I cancelled my membership after a few months, but only because I wasn’t taking advantage of the support it provides. 

I’m very comfortable recommending Leslie’s work here, and expect that some of you will find great value in the content she has developed, and in the membership community.