Thursday, February 21, 2019

At least it's not a meat grinder

Blender cost is up to $5.4B +/-

Here's another index card graphic, or slide panel - I'm not sure what to call it - from the presentation or video I'm working on. Anyway, the text is from a press release available through the SEC or the online press room at TPG Capital.

Here's the full paragraph I used to pull the quote:

" The Consortium members partnered with the objective of investing in and building businesses that can help modernize, enhance and transform home healthcare in America. Curo brings a highly capable management team and a tech-enabled, centralized model for hospice care that presents the opportunity for Humana and its Consortium partners to be a leader in managing the continuum of home health, palliative care and hospice in an integrated fashion, creating a positive and differentiated experience for patients and their families – as well as their care providers. This integrated model will leverage data and analytics to measure and advance evidence-based clinical outcomes for patients and seamlessly coordinate the transition from home care, to in-home palliative care, and thoughtfully into hospice, as chronically ill patients’ disease burdens progress."

That's the plan, as they say.

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