Saturday, January 6, 2018

Old friend, new pen pal

I received my annual family holiday picture postcard news update from an old friend earlier this week. She’s been sending them out since before either of our families had kids, but we only started getting them when our children first met through school about 25 years ago. She hasn’t missed a year.

Melissa was also just about the only friend who continued to visit Jeanne throughout her decline, consistently and to the end.

Her card prompted an email exchange, and in the course of our reminiscence, Melissa pointed me to a piece she had just heard on the radio - To Help Others, One Couple Talks About Life With Early-Onset Alzheimer's.

I followed it through to Will and Bella Doolittle’s own blog - The Alzheimer's Chronicles. It’s hosted by the Post Star in Glenns Falls, NY - north of Albany, the newspaper where Will is Projects Editor.

I contacted Will, we exchanged information about our mutual interests, and I guess you could say we’re now email buddies or something, because, hey - it isn’t often that guys like us come across each other, now, is it?

Also, too: this post makes three for the week!