Thursday, April 12, 2018

And the final number was zero

Distinguished UCSF nursing and medical faculty

I was recently asked to substitute for someone for a presentation and discussion with hospice clinical staff, on the subject of caring for patients and families with advanced dementia at end of life.

That request came on the heels of two other events - starting a rigorous online cartooning program, and stumbling across an excellent GeriPal podcast on nursing home residents and palliative care.

So, I decided to combine all three. This video is the result. I'll let it speak for itself, and will just add that it led to some really good discussion.

Now let's see what Caroline, Eric, and Alex think of their portraits...


On another note, it's been a few weeks since my last post. I think the two brief essays about Jeanne's wedding ring took more out of me than I thought, emotionally.

I attended the 3-day AAHPM/HPNA Annual Assembly, which took up a lot of my time and attention to get ready for, get to, and follow up on - and I'm far from done with that, too. There was lots of good stuff on constipation and delirium, the low-hanging fruit of EOL care. I plan to write about those workshops and more, in the weeks and months ahead.

I also want to write up something more than my simple comment on an HPNA Facebook post expressing my disappointment in their inexplicable decision to give a "Presidential Citation" to the execrable Senior Senator from Maine.

Finally, I'm working on an idea to promote conversations about care at end of life and other death-related topics that I plan to unveil next Thursday.

Thanks for reading. See you again soon.