Thursday, February 16, 2023

To find and choose the best hospice, first separate the useful grain from the useless chaff


2 contrasting images of a woman The image on the left is from the website, it’s a contemporary straight-on photo closeup of a smiling woman including her upper chest shoulders and head, wearing a light blue denim button shirt open at the neck, with long wavy reddish hair flowing, her face is turned up and to the left as she smiles broadly The image on the right is an antique engraving illustration of Italian woman wind winnowing in Roman countryside, published on Magasin Pittoresque, Paris, 1845 This woman is standing at a basket in an open field with her arms outstretched in front of her as she holds threshed grain in her hands, letting it slowly pour down to the basket as the wind separates the useful grain from the chaff
Now THAT's Italian!

I'm out here trying to put together something that could actually be useful for patients and families, while "industry stakeholders" just keep doing their thing, because hospice is captive to profiteers