Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Death Nurse Film Fest V-1.1 (2019) - Boo Boo Interviews Jessica Zitter

a doctor who takes direction

I've got a handful of drafts for blog posts, along with some other projects that I'm juggling, so until I can get them into final form, which I will, I thought I'd launch another idea that's been kicking around - a film festival celebrating my student films from the past couple of years, hereafter known as Death Nurse Film Fest V-1 (2019).

I'm going to post one of my own films each day for the next several days, however many days as I have student films. After that, I will post the film made by someone else that I believe deserves the title of 'Best Film by a Nurse in My Personal Opinion,' and will award it the Death Nurse Film Fest V-1 (2019) Golden Swab of Excellence.

I'm happy to start this year's festival with a short documentary featuring Jessica Zitter and the indomitable Boo Boo. We did this as part of the June 25th screening of Extremis.

Let your senses feast.

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