Friday, October 5, 2018

Best of luck in your new location

“There is a difficult discussion that rarely happens among American funeral directors: viewing the embalmed body is often an unpleasant experience for the family.”    

Caitlin Doughty, "From Here to Eternity," p.179.

The title for this post is the punchline of an old joke:

The owner of a flower shop answers the phone to hear an irate customer complain that the arrangement she ordered for the grand opening of her store reads, "Dearest Darling - Gone, But Not Forgotten."

He apologizes for the obvious mistake, then hangs up, visibly shaken.

"What's the matter? his assistant asks.

"Buzzy mixed up the orders, and delivered funeral flowers to the store opening. That means he's on his way to the funeral home with a horseshoe wreath and the banner, Best of Luck in Your New Location!"