Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pictures > Words

If you work in hospice, and someone asks you about it, what's a good way to respond?

If you know nothing about hospice, but wonder about it sometimes, where can you go to find out more?

If you've had an experience with hospice, and wonder about other people's, how can you compare?

I think the answer to these and other questions starts with a visit to the websites* of award-winning photographer Ross Taylor, for his 2002 photo essay, "Gloria's Goodbye."

From his introduction:

"One night, while she was getting treatment, Gloria looked up to me and told me how much she cared about me, and how much doing this story meant to her. We both cried alone in her bedroom; it is a moment I will never forget. I always want people to know this part of her tenderness when seeing these images, especially the ones around her decline and death.”

Blog sez check it out.

Gloria's Goodbye

* Taylor has both a dot com and a dot net, and there seems to be a slight difference in the versions of the story. I like the one at the dot net site.